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Oh, For the Love of DOGS!

Dental Nylon Dog Chew Toy - Bone Pinwheel

Dental Nylon Dog Chew Toy - Bone Pinwheel

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This 100% recyclable vegan nylon Pinwheel with 3 Bone shaped ends is a dental toy to keep the whole mouth healthy. The nubs and deep ridges massage gums and clean teeth. The variety of textures gives soothing sensations and the colors are great for visual stimulation.

Proper chewing toys reduce destructive behavior and this toy is extremely durable. A 3 of 5 on the Chew Meter makes them great for medium to hard chewers, dogs with sensitive teeth, and anxious chewers in need of a calming endorphin release.

A dog needs at least 7 toys with each one of the five factors listed below. This toy meets 4 of those criteria: Chewing, Tugging, Fetching, Interaction, and 5/5 in terms of durability. Five factor toys test. Does your dog: 1. Chew it * 2. Tug it* 3. Fetch it * 4. Interact with it * 5. Find Comfort from it

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